Integrated Security Solutions
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Special Solutions include state-of-art systems and products intended for intelligent surveillance and security of large open spaces, state borders, long perimeters, standalone systems.
Safe City systems provide complex approach to secure sensitive city infrastructure. Stilsoft profound security expertise, supported by its technological know-how, integration expertise and innovative approach ensure high efficiency of any Safe City project.
Stilsoft has developed an integrated security system called Stilsoft Complex designed to ensure safety of any site. Stilsoft Complex includes the following subsystems: data collection and processing system, access control system, fire and burglar alarm system, public addressing system, command and control system and many more.
Stilsoft develops unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) to secure perimeters, state borders, for search and rescue missions, accident surveillance.
Products and Technologies
Mobile Communication System
“Unicom-1” mobile communication system is intended for control of border guards patrol duties
Long-Range Video Surveillance System
“Stilsoft Observer” standalone long-range video surveillance and thermal imaging system is intended for protection and surveillance of state boarders, big open spaces and remote sites.
Face Recognition Technology
Face recognition technology developed by Stilsoft allows creation of automated access points at sensitive and military infrastructures and search for wanted persons for security forces and agencies.
Stilsoft GC continues to certificate the conformity of own-produced transport security systems in accordance to its functionalities. A new certificate № MIA RF.03.000243 has been accepted to surveillance systems of the line of products, such as video cameras, floodlights, server cabinets, controllers and other related equipment. In accordance to the Federal Law № 9 of February 2007 the goals of p...
Published: 16.04.2019
Engineers from Stilsoft GC have developed a new bispectral device, designed for 24/7 video surveillance in infrared and visual range. Structurally, DVS-3675 incorporates classical video camera and thermal imaging camera into one sealed housing with high Ingress Protection. It is also equipped with heating. DVS-3675 module demonstrates excellent quality of video control at any level of illuminati...
Published: 02.04.2019


Albatross-P system is intendent to enhance security of state borders, industrial perimeters, sites and infrastructures.

The system consists of Albatross-P UAV with payload, launching box and operator workstation.

UAV is equipped with payload: 5MP IP camera with gimbaled stabilization.

The launching box is intended to keep and charge the UAV and transmit telemetry data between UAV and operator workstation.

Design features

Albatross-P UAV has composite non-separable structure and is equipped with brushless motor with direct gear for blades. The payload is attached to fast-removable clamp on the UAV bottom. The system incorporates proprietary artificial horizon correction algorithm and quaternion-based formula of altitude tracking.

The insulated launching box with pitched roof has the door releasing the landing platform with the UAV on it. The back door provides access to the inner equipment. The roof can optionally have a dome for pan-tilt platform with antenna to receive video stream or a side panel to attach collinear antenna for telemetry transmission. The box provides stable internal temperature.

In emergencies, when there is no electricity or Ethernet communication, the launching table will be powered by inbuilt batteries and support operating condition of the system. The standby mode still enables to launch the UAV, perform the flight plan, return and land it back into the box and correct the UAV landing process.


The launching box operates in standby more. Perimeter security sensor alarm or operator command initiates the landing platform. There is a landing grid on the top extendable platform. The flight plan is uploaded to the UAV during extension of the platform. When it stops, the UAV launches and performs the flight plan. The platform automatically returns inside the box and the door closes after the UAV launch.

When the UAV returns to the launching point, the box receives its telemetry data and automatically opens the door and releases the platform for landing. Several simultaneously running algorithms ensure precise landing. Operator workstation always has updated information about the UAV battery charge and temperature inside the launching box.

Operation and control options:

- Flight according to preliminary flight plan;

- Flight without preliminary map and flight plan;

- Switch between automatic and manually-controlled flight.

Operator can disrupt the flight by the flight plan at any time. The UAV will hover and continue mission after operator command.

Control and telemetering wireless link meets high requirements on noise immunity and protection of data in transit. Noise immunity is secured by hopped carrier frequency and data masking. Preinstalled software provides multi-level protection from wrong operator actions.

There is an option to send real-time video stream from Albatross-P UAV to command and control center and/or mobile control station.

Albatross-P can be integrated in any site security system.

Parameter Value
Cruising altitude, m Up to 200
Air speed, km/h
- in autopilot mode
- in manual mode
- speed drop down to, m/sec

from 0 to 40
from 0 to 60
Max launch altitude above sea level, km 3000
Travel radius, up to, km 5
Max wind resistance for efficient application, m/s 12
Max wind resistance for efficient en-route flight, m/s 15
Max endurance time in normal weather conditions*, one set of batteries, up to, min 28
Operation via secured communication link, MHz/coverage area up to, km 868 / 6
Stabilized camera gimbal Pitch/roll
Position Hold/Preset waypoint flight/Positional data GLONASS / GPS
Automatic return at voltage drop Yes
Automatic UAV launch at PIDS sensor alert Yes
Flight termination by operator command with manual control Yes
One-phase AC voltage, V/Hz 220 / 50
Video camera resolution 5
Thermal-imaging camera (ordered separately):
Spectral sensitivity, mkm 8-14
Resolution, px 384х288
Pixel size, mkm 17
Human detection distance, up to, m 150
Operating temperatures, ºС** от -25 до +50
Takeoff weight with payload, up to, kg 4
Total weight, up to, kg 200
Overall dimensions (without air blades) not more, mm
- length
- width
- height in park position

Overall dimensions of the launching box, not more, mm
- length
- width
- height in park position

* Standard conditions: normal pressure 760 Mmhg, wind speed up to 3 m/s, temperature from 0ºС and higher. ** Subject to UAV storage at positive air temperature within 2 hours before flight.