Integrated Security Solutions
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Special Solutions include state-of-art systems and products intended for intelligent surveillance and security of large open spaces, state borders, long perimeters, standalone systems.
Safe City systems provide complex approach to secure sensitive city infrastructure. Stilsoft profound security expertise, supported by its technological know-how, integration expertise and innovative approach ensure high efficiency of any Safe City project.
Stilsoft has developed an integrated security system called Stilsoft Complex designed to ensure safety of any site. Stilsoft Complex includes the following subsystems: data collection and processing system, access control system, fire and burglar alarm system, public addressing system, command and control system and many more.
Stilsoft develops unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) to secure perimeters, state borders, for search and rescue missions, accident surveillance.
Products and Technologies
Long-Range Video Surveillance System
“Stilsoft Observer” standalone long-range video surveillance and thermal imaging system is intended for protection and surveillance of state boarders, big open spaces and remote sites.
Face Recognition Technology
Face recognition technology developed by Stilsoft allows creation of automated access points at sensitive and military infrastructures and search for wanted persons for security forces and agencies.
Mobile Communication System
“Unicom-1” mobile communication system is intended for control of border guards patrol duties
Stilsoft GC continues to certificate the conformity of own-produced transport security systems in accordance to its functionalities. A new certificate № MIA RF.03.000243 has been accepted to surveillance systems of the line of products, such as video cameras, floodlights, server cabinets, controllers and other related equipment. In accordance to the Federal Law № 9 of February 2007 the goals of p...
Published: 16.04.2019
Engineers from Stilsoft GC have developed a new bispectral device, designed for 24/7 video surveillance in infrared and visual range. Structurally, DVS-3675 incorporates classical video camera and thermal imaging camera into one sealed housing with high Ingress Protection. It is also equipped with heating. DVS-3675 module demonstrates excellent quality of video control at any level of illuminati...
Published: 02.04.2019

“Perimeter-M” Standalone Portable Video Surveillance System

“Perimeter-M” standalone portable video surveillance system for video surveillance and monitoring of important approaches and perimeters.

Easily deployable system, continuous unmanned operation.

High portability is provided by fast-assembled parts of the system.

“Perimeter-M” is car-portable and allows setup by 3 people within 3 hours.

Specially designed carrying cases are included to store and carry the system component parts and accessories.

The system incorporates video surveillance cameras, “RadioFence” integration module, communication and control unit, laptop with preinstalled software, independent power supply units.


  • Real time smart video surveillance of sensitive perimeters (take-off runways, building sites, mass gathering places etc.) or border sections;
  • Integration with “RadioFence” security sensors. Sensors detect a disturbance and trigger cameras to deliver video of the alarm source;
  • Inherent security enforced by “RadioFence” sensors;
  • Independent power supply by accumulating batteries.

The system is applied for 24/7 video surveillance in visual range, to watch open land areas, perimeters and for border control in complete darkness and in different environmental conditions.

Narrow- and broadband channels are applied to create radio network. Narrowband is applied to connect “RadioFence” security sensors and control power supply for inline and base sets. Broadband is applied to transmit video from cameras to the laptop. Network configuration is carried out automatically regardless of where the system is installed and without operator input.

The system is operated from a laptop with preinstalled software connected to control unit via special cable.

The system is equipped with a connection unit to add radio channel security sensors (CVD-105, CVD-102, CVD-110). Sensors are displayed and managed by software ensuring their map control. Alarm sounds and images instantly inform operator about disturbance detection by security sensors with real-time video from alarm camera.

The system can operate in power-saving mode (all system modules are off-the-line) – sensors detect disturbances and trigger activation of the system. Customer-tailored sequence of the system’s actions on sensor alarms.

Power supply of the system in provided by 12V DC voltage from accumulating battery units or from the grid when batteries are charged from 220V AC. The scope of supply includes a 220V charging device able to provide power for 9 batteries at one time.

Batteries can feed the system for 24 hours continuously and one set can be replaced by another one connected to another socket. Batteries charge is sufficient to feed the system for several days in power saving mode.

The system is deployed by the guards on temporary deployment location. Communication and control unit is to be installed on a tripod placed on the ground at the base set location. Then accumulating batteries should be connected. After this the inline set is to be deployed. CVD-860 cameras, communication and control unit are fixed on tripods and accumulating units are connected. “RadioFence” sensors can also be installed on the tripods. Laptop is connected to the base or inline part through radio channel (narrowband and Wi-Fi) or via special cable. The system is operational now. The operator has to replace accumulating batteries once a day.

Basic Scope of Supply

Name Quantity
DVS-860 IP Camera
Outdoor fixed IP camera with IR illumination for day and night surveillance
8 pcs.
CCU-S Control unit
Communication and control unit for generation of radio network and operation as base station and for DVS-850 camera control, laptop connection.
1 pc.
CCU-L Control unit
Inline communication and control unit for generation of radio network and operation as a wireless repeater to transmit video stream from IP camera, controls power supply for DVS-860, laptop connection.
8 pcs.
Is intended to generate network within 433MHz and laptop connection by narrowband link. Applied to connect “RadioFence” sensors.
1 pc.
Accumulating battery unit
Is intended to provide electrical power for the system.
18 pcs.
Laptop with “Perimeter-M” SW
Is intended to generate common information space, stores and displays information from IP cameras.
Supplied with chargers for 220V and 12V.
1 pc.
SB220/12V Outdoor
Is intended to power communication and control units from 220V AC.
9 pcs.
Packing set
Includes carrying cases for DVS-850, DVS-860, communication and control units, laptop
1 set.
Is intended for installation of the system components (DVS-860 or DVS-850, communication and control unit, radio link, accumulating batteries)
9 pcs.
220V Charger
For simulations charge of 9 batteries from 220V
1 pc.

Name Quantity
DVS-850 IP Camera
PTZ camera with IR illumination for day and night surveillance.
1 pc.
DVS-860 IP Camera 1 pc.
CCU-L/ CCU-S Control unit 1 pc.
Accumulating battery unit 1 pc.
SB220/12 V Outdoor 1 pc.
Tripod 1 pc.
Charger 220V 1 pc.