Integrated Security Solutions
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Special Solutions include state-of-art systems and products intended for intelligent surveillance and security of large open spaces, state borders, long perimeters, standalone systems.
Safe City systems provide complex approach to secure sensitive city infrastructure. Stilsoft profound security expertise, supported by its technological know-how, integration expertise and innovative approach ensure high efficiency of any Safe City project.
Stilsoft has developed an integrated security system called Stilsoft Complex designed to ensure safety of any site. Stilsoft Complex includes the following subsystems: data collection and processing system, access control system, fire and burglar alarm system, public addressing system, command and control system and many more.
Stilsoft develops unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) to secure perimeters, state borders, for search and rescue missions, accident surveillance.
Products and Technologies
Long-Range Video Surveillance System
“Stilsoft Observer” standalone long-range video surveillance and thermal imaging system is intended for protection and surveillance of state boarders, big open spaces and remote sites.
Mobile Communication System
“Unicom-1” mobile communication system is intended for control of border guards patrol duties
Face Recognition Technology
Face recognition technology developed by Stilsoft allows creation of automated access points at sensitive and military infrastructures and search for wanted persons for security forces and agencies.
Stilsoft GC continues to certificate the conformity of own-produced transport security systems in accordance to its functionalities. A new certificate № MIA RF.03.000243 has been accepted to surveillance systems of the line of products, such as video cameras, floodlights, server cabinets, controllers and other related equipment. In accordance to the Federal Law № 9 of February 2007 the goals of p...
Published: 16.04.2019
Engineers from Stilsoft GC have developed a new bispectral device, designed for 24/7 video surveillance in infrared and visual range. Structurally, DVS-3675 incorporates classical video camera and thermal imaging camera into one sealed housing with high Ingress Protection. It is also equipped with heating. DVS-3675 module demonstrates excellent quality of video control at any level of illuminati...
Published: 02.04.2019

Special Solutions

Large open areas and long borders are often associated with security sensitive sites. Customer requirements to security system may vary due to different intrusion threats, complicated landscape environments: mountains, forests, rivers, absence of any infrastructure. Security system based on precise engineering and real experience is an ideal solution to the task in hand.

Stilsoft has developed a number of systems to meet these challenges:

  • Stilsoft Perimeter Video Surveillance System
  • Stilsoft Perimeter-M Standalone Portable Video Surveillance System
  • Informer-M System
  • Stilsoft Observer Standalone Video Surveillance and Thermal Imaging System
  • RadioBarrier Perimeter Security System
  • Stilsoft Centaur Standalone Mobile Video Surveillance and Thermal Imaging System
  • Unicom System

Efficient security system for wide open areas and borders require security sensors to detect intrusion attempts and video surveillance system to eliminate nuisance alarms. Remote location of a disturbance place prevents the security forces immediately response to the alarm. Time is always vital not to let the intruder penetrate into protected site. In this case video surveillance system becomes a key component of a proper security system.

There are several equipment types applied to detect intruders:

  • double position microwave security detectors;
  • infrared active and passive security detectors;
  • triboelectric security sensors for fenced sites;
  • radio detection and ranging stations;
  • movement detectors incorporated in video and thermal long-range cameras.

The following systems allow intruder detection and alarm confirmation:

  • fixed cameras with 50-100m detection zone (detection quality is not guaranteed with artificial illumination at night time);
  • hi-speed PTZ cameras with 400m detection zone – 200 m each side (detection quality for long distances is not guaranteed with artificial illumination at night time);
  • systems with long-range CCTV camera and thermal imaging camera with up to 3 km detection zone (efficient surveillance of longer areas is provided by several PTZ cameras. Long distances are quite rare – open areas do not usually exceed 3 km line of sight);
  • unmanned aerial vehicles (ensured detection with automatic and flight to the disturbance point).

Different detection ranges and site specific features require different video surveillance systems.

There are two major groups of tasks in hand: protection of wide open areas without any infrastructure such as fences, grid connection etc. and protection of long fenced boundaries and connection to the power network is available.

Wide open spaces without any infrastructure are common for state border areas, water storage dams, and open facilities of force and law enforcement agencies, firing grounds.

Combined application of standalone video surveillance systems and wireless security sensors provide efficient protection of such facilities.

Sensors detect disturbances and trigger activation of PTZ camera that captures the intruder image and allows security guards give a proper response.

The before mentioned tasks require independent power supply and wireless communication path. One type of renewable power source is not sufficient to ensure proper reliability. It can be achieved by application of several types of independent power supply units: wind generator, solar panels and petrol generator. Security sensors must have extremely low power consumption and ability to repeat the alarm to cover protected area within and beyond line of site.

Stilsoft solves the named tasks from the first group with proprietary systems: RadioBarrier, Stilsoft Observer, SDP-170 and SDP-172 radio detection and ranging stations.

Second group includes protection of long fenced perimeters or exclusion zones, e.g. roadways.

Such sites are common for national security and defense agencies, state borders, facilities of major enterprises, airports, sea ports, military communities.

Security systems for such sites are often associated with technological and engineering challenges – such as high capacity communication path with high speed up to several gigabits per second and long coverage area. Another challenge is to provide reliable power supply for security lightning. Such system should be robust, easily scalable and user friendly. The scope of the system should not only provide perimeter security and video surveillance but incorporate access control subsystem (e.g. access through remote entrance), two-way communication systems for security squads, loudspeaking alert system. The system should be operational in various environmental conditions, withstand high temperatures and be dust resistant.

Stilsoft Perimeter and Stilsoft Complex systems manufactured by Stilsoft represent an ideal solution to all mentioned challenges.

Stilsoft has vast experience in addressing such issues. Our systems are installed at hundreds facilities across Russia, CIS and in far-flung counties. Our permanent customers are Federal Security Service, State Boarder Service, State Reserves Agency, Federal Penitentiary Service, Ministry of Defense, Federal Protective Service, major oil and gas enterprises.